This Weather Calls for Steaming Hotpot...

This Weather Calls for Steaming Hotpot...

Long Qing Hot Pot singapore

Their promise? No MSG in their broth. Still tasted pretty good when we tried the wild mushroom broth at Long Qing Hotpot along HK street.

We loved that their selection of meats are from Huber's Butchery and included US Shortribs and Iberico Pork. Good cuts of meat are essential for a quality hot pot experience!

The handmade prawn and fish paste was another favourite. And you can get all the other favourites like quail's eggs and fried beancurd skin. Finish off with the crispy yam ball which unfortunately was sold out the day we went. 

Long Qing Hot Pot in hong kong st
A satisfying hotpot experience especially since you can reserve a table ahead of time, instead of trying to beat the queues at other hotpot joints.

Long Qing Hot Pot
18 Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059661
+65 6533 1618

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