Re-Embrace – The First Jewellery Donation Drive in Singapore

Re-Embrace – The First Jewellery Donation Drive in Singapore

re-embrace singapore  jewellery Donation Drive
Re-Embrace Women in Need
Thank YOU for opening your hearts and your jewellery drawers to women in need, and making the first pre-loved jewellery donation drive in Singapore a success! Over a 10 week period from 28 Mar 2017, we received 2909 donations! All items have been donated to SCWO’s New 2U Thrift Store for sale, and all the money raised will go to SCWO’s causes, as well as to the Star Shelter which is a temporary refuge for women and kids who are victims of domestic violence. We have been so touched by your generosity and your support!

The feedback from SCWO has been great. The donated accessories and jewellery were the highlight of their New 2U Bazaar held in May 2017, and they have enough accessories now for the rest of the year. Embrace Jewellery not only championed the idea of the drive, our staff helped in sorting and cleaning the donated items, and packed them individually making it much easier for the SCWO volunteers to price and display the items.

Watch this space as we’ll definitely be back with another charity donation drive next year, and don’t throw out those pre-loved jewellery or accessories that you’ve outgrown! They could be going towards a very good cause.

re-embrace jewellery Donation Drive

The Star Shelter
A temporary refuge for women and their children who are survivors of domestic violence. It is a place where they can heal from the trauma of abuse and be empowered to rebuild their lives free from violence.

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