EmbraceYou : Juliet

EmbraceYou : Juliet

Celebrating International Women’s Day with our #EmbraceYou contest!

Meet Juliet: a cancer survivor, mom of 2, tennis team captain, and radio presenter. Juliet’s truly inspiring, and we loved styling her in pieces from Embrace+.

As a breast cancer survivor, busy mum of 2, captain of a tennis team and part time radio presenter - how do you find time for yourself?
Sometimes it can get a bit tough - and as I try to make time for my mum too - she lives on other side of island, all the driving and logistics can do my head in. But, playing tennis with my friends, spending down time with kids, having Friday night drinks with fave people, and massages help soothe my soul and keep me happy and sane!

What does embracing your best self mean to you?
Accepting all of me - warts and all! I used to wish for longer legs, trimmer tummy, bigger boobs but after I got cancer, I realised that all of my physical bits are important; they make me, ME. And also what character flaws I didn't like about myself can be changed and worked on - I can change them but 1st I have to accept that i have them!

What is your style?
Casual and comfortable!
What makes you feel good? Looking in the mirror - and being happy with what I see! When my clothes fit, and I feel comfortable (or else I literally get a headache)

What did you like about the pieces you were styled in?
The lovely dress was not my usual style but i actually loved the look - the color and cut of the dress made me feel like a grown up! The romper was very comfortable to wear too!

I love love love the choker - it is a great accent piece - I love chain pieces! Also the earrings are lovely - a tad heavier than what i am used to. The wrap leather and silver bracelet is absolutely my style - it’s a versatile piece that can go with most of my wardrobe! Putting it on my Santa List now!

Complete the sentence, I think women should embrace all of ourselves...
and forgive ourselves more. We are too hard on ourselves, with all the demands we have - from being a mother, wife, daughter, work…if we cant do it all perfectly at once, it is ok. Accept whatever shortcomings we have and be more forgiving. Sometimes you just need to take a break, take a deep breath and you will find the right path.

What strategies did you use to stay mentally and physically strong during your cancer treatment and recovery?
Just to take it one step at a time. Sometimes the whole picture can be overwhelming. So if it’s a seemingly big task or mountain to climb, just figure out next step and focus on that. It applies to a match as well. Just the next step is all you need to focus on. Then when you look back, you will be amazed at the distance you have covered, one step at a time. Many steps make a mile!

How has your experience as a breast cancer survivor influenced your perspective on life and your priorities?
Life is too short - and too much crap is going on - whether it’s people or just issues. Cut out the noise and unnecessary and zoom in on what’s important. In my case - my family and close friends. Those stay and the noise, the nonsense, just don't let it bother you. Let the bad stuff go.

Can you share a particularly meaningful or inspiring moment from your journey that has stayed with you?
When my father was in the hospital for his cancer (he passed away 18 years ago) I was taking time every day to see him in hospital - lunch and after work and sometimes took time off for him. So he was worried that I was away from work too much. So I told him that it’s ok, there will be other work but I only have 1 father. So in the end, I did sort of get into trouble with work but i am still glad i took time off for dad as he passed away 2 months after that. And he died knowing how important he was to me. And when I had cancer, my best friend took time in her busy schedule to sit with me during all my chemotherapy sessions. So make time for the important people in your life. Your time is the most precious gift you can give.

What message would you like to share with other women who may be navigating their own personal and professional challenges?
Don't rush into a decision - it has to feel right in your gut. And trust yourself - you know better than anyone what works for you.

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